Nike Metcon 8 Selected Among the Best Product Videos by DesignRush

Unveiling the Nike Metcon 8: A Minimalistic Marvel

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Nike Metcon 8 Shoe Commercial

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Müller Media’s 3D animated advertisement for the Nike Metcon 8 has been handpicked to be featured among The Best Product Videos on DesignRush, a prestigious platform renowned for its promotion of exceptional designs. This recognition is a testament to our team’s commitment to crafting visually captivating and modern commercials that truly resonate with audiences. In this blog post, we delve into the inspiration and creative process behind this remarkable advertisement and discuss how its minimalistic approach and attention to detail make it a standout in the world of product videos.

Capturing the Essence

The Nike Metcon 8 product commercial was born out of our desire to encapsulate the essence of this revolutionary athletic shoe. Our team envisioned a minimalist design that would captivate viewers with its clean lines, vibrant colors, and laser focus on the product itself. By eliminating any potential distractions, we created an environment that allows the Nike Metcon 8 to shine in all its glory.

Embracing Simplicity

In a world inundated with sensory overload, we believe that simplicity can be a powerful tool. Our goal was to create an advertisement that would not only catch the viewer’s attention but also leave a lasting impression. With this in mind, we carefully selected a color palette that would complement the Nike Metcon 8, ensuring that the product stood out against a visually pleasing gradient background.

Strategic Distribution

To maximize the reach of the Nike Metcon 8 advertisement, we strategically showcased it on over 2000 indoor screens across the Baltic states. This extensive display ensured that the commercial received substantial exposure to a wide range of potential customers. Additionally, we leveraged social media platforms to amplify the campaign’s impact, harnessing the power of digital marketing to engage with a global audience.

The Director’s Vision

Taimar Müller, the creative director of Müller Media, emphasized the importance of creating a captivating experience for the audience. He shared his perspective, stating, “When you want to put your hand through the screen to grab the product, then we have done our job successfully.” This profound statement reflects the team’s unwavering dedication to crafting an advertisement that transcends traditional boundaries and immerses viewers in the Nike Metcon 8’s allure.


The Nike Metcon 8 product commercial stands as a testament to Müller Media’s commitment to excellence in advertising. By adopting a minimalistic approach and paying meticulous attention to detail, we successfully captured the essence of the Nike Metcon 8 and showcased it to the world. The DesignRush recognition reaffirms the effectiveness of our creative vision and motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of design and advertising. We look forward to bringing more innovative and visually stunning projects to life in the future, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we continue to revolutionize the world of advertising, one remarkable project at a time. Stay tuned for more updates, as we have many exciting endeavors on the horizon.

See the project with your own eyes here.

— Taimar Müller, Founder & Creative Director, Müller Media